Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Jockey Club “FreeFlow” Body Movement Project is a three-year pilot project spanning from 2021 to 2024, with the objectives of enhancing the physical and mental health of young females aged between 15 to 24, pique the young females’ curiosity towards their bodies and encourage them to explore body diversity.

Through joining LifePulse, a body movement course designed by Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan for young females, participants can build up their body languages and develop their creativity through body movements and interactions with their peers. They can also use their innate sense of rhythm to feel afresh and to provide new meanings to their lives. The course provides a comfortable setting for participants to discuss the standards our modern society set for women, hence exploring how these expectations may affect them. In this course, we hope young females can find company, gain their confidence gradually and embark on the self-connecting journey.

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Walking with her

Impacted by historical factors and social norms, women face socialization pressure and family expectations. This may inhibit the personal development of some young females who tend to suppress their words and deeds, hindering their physical and mental development. With the Jockey Club “FreeFlow” Body Movement Project, we hope to help young females to explore and showcase themselves once again.

Young females nowadays are facing different challenges from families, relationships, society etc. These experiences can usually result in:

・ Low self-esteem
・ A lack of self-awareness and an increase in evaluating themselves based on other’s opinions
・ Low sense of self-acknowledgement, sense of security
・ The inability to deal with conflict
・ Being in a constant emotional state of depression, fear, and anxiety
・ Frequently doubting their self-worth, and feeling unworthy of love
・ The desire to be heard, seen, cared for, and to connect with others
・ Having to cope with a varying levels of stress

Therefore, understanding our bodies is the first step in self-care which can help young females to rediscover themselves. Through body movements, young females can experience self-awareness, rebuild their sense of security, and regain their freedom when they are connected with their bodies.

How to Connect
with Young Females

We understand that our bodies coexist with our minds and that physical activities and mental development affect each other. When young females participate in the activities with themes tailor-made for them, not only can they have a better control on their bodies, but also can have a positive mindset.

Be the closest friend
with your body

Stem From Our Hearts

Through the Jockey Club “FreeFlow” Body Movement Project, every young female has the chance to make body movements, sowing the seeds of physical and mental connection. The project hopes to reveal to them that there can be no pressure of being rated when learning and that they can have a more positive and mature attitude when facing life pressure and difficulties.

Stem From Our Bodies

We can best express ourselves through our bodies which are much related to our lives. Being aware of our body reactions, we can sense ourselves in every moment, such as whether we are feeling pressured, tense, tired or sad. Through body movements, we can relax our bodies, regain happiness, and enjoy conversing with our bodies by placing everyday energy back to ourselves.

Q: Why is it necessary to introduce body movement in Hong Kong?
Hong Kong is a fast-paced city and Hong Kong people face different pressure from study, work or family. Oftentimes, not only till we have some health problems that it dawns on us that we need to care more about our bodies. Our body movement course provides a space for participants to let go of their worries, have a happy and an intimate conversation with our bodies, as well as to explore their self-identity. 
Q: What changes can body movements bring to young females? 
Through participating in the Jockey Club “FreeFlow” Body Movement Project, young females can not only improve bodies’ muscle strength, flexibility and coordination, but also be more confident and braver when expressing themselves. The interactive activities, which include mimicking and touching, can help them build up better social skills so that they can have a more positive attitude when facing challenges and failures, living out the motto of “Move Your Body, Find A Way”.
Q: Apart from the body movement course, how can the project help the young females in other ways? 
The project is centered around the body movement course which is partnered with Cloud Gate Dance School of Taiwan. Apart from this course, we also have social workers carrying out group activities after each class, with the content adjusted according to the young females’ abilities and needs. The group activities aim at raising the self-awareness of the participants, fostering social development, building up positive mindset and mastering the skills to control emotions.

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