The Body Movement Curriculum

Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, the first professional dancing group in Taiwan, established the Cloud Gate Dance School in 1998. The mission is to let people from all walks of life enjoy the happiness of making body movements through the Cloud Gate Dance School, helping people to use their bodies to feel, learn and grow. They believe that it is our innate ability to make body movements and it is also our most unique and precious asset. With the school’s teaching system “LifePulse”, it is hoped that everyone can understand themselves through body movements.

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3 Elements

  • Autonomy

  • Intimacy Boundaries

  • Embodiment

The focus of the course is not about teaching dancing skills, but to create scenarios and spark imaginations for young females. Through observation and creativity, the course hopes to guide them to create their own movements, connect to their bodies, and learn to accept and appreciate others. It is hoped that they can release themselves unreservedly and integrate the freedom they felt in class back into their daily lives.

The facilitators from Cloud Gate Dance School of Taiwan are all professionals with rich teaching experiences, helping the young females to understand themselves and their bodies once again. Based on the young females’ daily lives, the classes connect body movements with their personal experiences, providing a physical and mental space for them to explore themselves and be creative.

Body Movement Curriculum

Experiential Workshop
Level 1
Level 2
Art Enrichment
Annual Showcase
Art Day Camp
Networking Session
Experiential Workshop
Level 1
Annual Showcase
Level 2
Art Day Camp
Art Enrichment
Networking Session

What makes this curriculum unique


Participants will not be treated as patients and do not need to receive treatments. No one will be labelled and everyone is equal. 

Free and non-judgemental

As there is no standardized framework for the body movement course, everyone can create their own unique sets of movements. As there are no prescribed standards and participants will not be criticized or recognized, they can focus on learning how to explore their inner selves.


No dancing experience is required for the participants because we believe it is our innate ability to make body movements. Teachers will guide participants to select body movement elements from their daily lives. Through different perspectives and methods, we hope to pique their interests, encourage them to participate proactively, and let them enjoy the pure fun when making body movement.

Staying in the present moment

The course does not teach stretching or dancing skills. Participants can join the class based on their body conditions and abilities on that day, making body movements freely in a stress-free setting to ease their worries and relaxing on that day.

Finding stillness in movement

Apart from the external active movements, facilitators will lead some warm-up and stretching exercises before each class – waking up the body energy slowly first, and then gradually enter the thematic activities by embarking on the journey of exploring and understanding ourselves.

From Individuals to Groups

The course contains not only the part for individuals to express themselves, but also other body exercises, such as support, giving, cooperation, balance and shape, which all require participants to work together to explore further possibilities in body movements and to review their communicating boundary in intimate relationship.

心理 - 從心出發

生理 - 從身出發

A very meaningful project that truly allows me to connect with others.

Through the body movement and other related workshops, I feel a new passion for moving my body, especially since I had the opportunity to participate in a showcase with my friends! I used to always think that my body was too stiff to dance, but this experience made me realise that I am able to achieve my goals. My enjoyment in the process is what will result in a great showcase of my hard work.

I really love this programme. It is meaningful and helped me to know myself more, more importantly to love myself more. I couldn’t believe that this concept can be promoted in Hong Kong.

This is the first time I have truly connected with my body. I never knew how much my body wished to communicate with me, through memories and also my own ideas of body image. This experience was a real first step in my personal growth.

It was a shame I did not manage to finish the whole experiential workshop, but I found many joys in participating. The most memorable part was when a guest shared about the connection between self-love and self-connection, as well as how it is an endless journey of building a relationship with your own body.

I really enjoyed our mini showcase at the end of the movement workshops, it made me very proud of myself and the other participants.

The workshops allow me to accept myself regardless of my state, emotions and energy level. I struggled with the movement, but the facilitator and other participants gave me a safe space to let go and enjoy regardless.

Through the small group discussions, I became aware of the pressures and expectations that society has placed onto women and their body image.

The movement workshops led me to reflect on how my family and their expectations of me as a girl has affected and my ability to move with freedom.

Q: How can the course support the needs of the young females? 
For the facilitators’ training, every facilitator has to attend a one-month training in Taiwan with the Cloud Gate Dance School before taking up any classes, as well as to receive regular monthly training in Hong Kong, making sure they all have an in-depth understanding of the Jockey Club ‘FreeFlow’ Body Movement Project. The training includes understanding youngsters’ physical and mental development, as well as the teaching attitude and the handling of special scenarios when encountering young females at-risk.

Social workers in the project are required to attend body workshops and to have hands-on experiences on the course activities, understanding the meanings and objectives of the teaching contents and the needs of the participants.

Q: Is there any final performance after completing the course? 
The course of the Jockey Club ‘FreeFlow’ Body Movement Project has designed a mini showcase in the final class, inviting their families and friends to watch the performance. The goal is not to check on their learning progress, but to share the “Body Movement” spirit with their families and friends.
Q: How is it different from other dancing classes in Hong Kong? 
The body movement course is neither an art therapy nor a dancing style. It does not teach dancing skills but focuses on revealing our life-based movements by following our hearts. We hope to offer a chance to the young females to understand their own energy once again, and hence learn to communicate with their hearts. 
Q: If I am interested in the course, how can I sign up or enquire? 
If you are interested, please email to for more information. 

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