Create with us!

Create with us!

We need your support! We welcome any arts organizations, creators and friends who are interested in gender issues to be our partners, giving further momentum to our project.

The Jockey Club ‘FreeFlow’ Body Movement Project is a three-year project with the hope to build a helping community, to continuously discover new perspectives and to incorporate new thoughts in the process, ensuring everyone’s unique voice is being heard.

We need passionate friends to provide the below assistance: 

Delivery of workshops 
Visual and audio creation
Illustration and graphic design
If this sounds like you or sparks your interest, please shoot us a message below!
Interested in joining us?
Please contact our project organisations below to learn more:

Caritas Youth and Community Service 
Phone:2552 0797

Hong Kong Children and Youth Services
Phone:2356 2133

Teen’s Key – Young Women Development Network 
Phone:2302 0068