Jockey Club ‘FreeFlow’ Body Movement Project Annual Art Showcase I Move Therefore I am II

Through this exhibition, we hope to arouse public interest and appreciation for physical movement. Our young girls have showcased the beauty and diversity of body movements through careful learning and hard work. Each movement carries their self-expression and unique style, allowing the audience to deeply feel the connection between body and soul.  

The Art Showcase was grouped with three sections: Exhibition, Experience, and Discovery, exhibiting the body movement course and the artworks. 

“Look! Let’s Body Movements!”

Present the journey of the Jockey Club “Autonomy‧Flow” Body Movement Program through videos about body movements, tools for exploring body movements, and personal body photos. 


“Body Fun for Adults And Kids”

Led by body movement facilitators, different members of the public participate in movement experience classes. The bookstore “Children’s Picture Book Store,” located at the joint venue, provides storytelling sessions for children attending the event, complemented by elements of body movement.


“Life is Movement”

Creating safe space and joyful experience for the audience to understand that life is movement. Using the framework of the “Cloud Gate Dance School of Taiwan” movement class, participants are assisted in expanding their physical vocabulary, stretching their bodies and minds, and opening up their imaginations through body games and breathing exercises. At the same time, through artistic exploration experiences and performances by young girls, we weave unique stories for everyone.