Jockey Club ‘FreeFlow’ Body Movement Project Annual Art Showcase I Move Therefore I am 

In the Jockey Club ‘FreeFlow’ Body Movement Project Annual Art Showcase I Move Therefore I am, we shared the youngsters’ experiences in the body movement classes in the first year of our project. The showcase aimed at promoting the importance of body movement and body-awareness to the general public. Through the showcase, we hoped to let the public understand the standards our society set for women, exploring how these expectations may affect the local young females. Through introducing body movements to the public, we also hoped people could care for the needs of their own bodies and minds, and have a deeper understanding on gender issues.  

The Art Showcase concluded the project events in the year and was divided into three sections: Therefore I am, Myself, and Flow, exhibiting the body movement course and the artworks. 

Therefore I am

Through site-specific theatre and installation art, the exhibition presents true stories of three youngsters in search of autonomy. 

An interactive
storytelling exhibition


We believe artworks are an extension of our bodies. From sculptures to photography, canvas to text, even from the presentation of handmade artworks, we explore with the young females the possibilities in living freely.

An art exhibition
by our young females


Through experiencing the body movement classes offered by Cloud Gate Dance School, participants can let go of the body constraints and build up a new body language under a relaxing and free state, having a genuine conversation with their bodies and finding back their own freedom.

An experiential body
movement workshop