Art Camp 2023- SheCreates Hub

The Art Experience Day Camp provides participants with a more intense and in-depth art experience. The camp includes various art workshops and guest speaker sessions. Additionally, children’s art workshops will be provided for young mothers participating in the camp.


This year, the organizations held a joint art experience workshop titled ‘Art X Feminine Power,’ where we experienced activities such as making crystal gem soap and DIY energy pyramids. By creating personalized soap and energy towers, not only participants can relax their body and mind, but also reflect on their true needs.

The External Genitalia X Mirror Case Workshop

The External Genitalia X Mirror Case Workshop offers participants an opportunity to learn and create their own External Genitalia X Mirror Box. The mirror box serves as a tool for inspecting and observing the health of the female external genitalia.


In this workshop, participants will have the chance to understand the anatomical structure, normal variations, and common issues related to the external genitalia. Professional instructors will provide guidance and instructions on how to use the External Genitalia X Mirror Case for self-examination, along with relevant guidance and advice.


The workshop aims to provide a safe, private, and professional environment for participants to autonomously learn about their own bodies. It encourages women to pay attention to and care for their health, while also providing a platform for participants to share experiences and support each other.

"Art X Feminine Power" Joint Art Experience Workshop

Crystal Gem Soap / Energy Pyramid DIY