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Jockey Club ‘FreeFlow’ Body Movement Project


Being the first pilot project in Hong Kong, the Jockey Club ‘FreeFlow’ Body Movement Project partnered with Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan to design a body movement course tailor-made for young females. Through body movements, the project hopes to pique young females’ curiosity towards their bodies by exploring body diversity. With the social work group support from professional social workers, we strive to encourage innovation and conversations among young females, hence promoting their personal growth and deepening their self-understanding.

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What is Body Movement?


We believe our bodies are the most direct embodiment of our own feelings and it is our innate ability to make body movements. When we make body movements, there is no standards or rules, and we also do not need to explain to others. Therefore, under such a comfortable setting, we can interact positively with our emotions, sense our inner changes, and present our most genuine selves.

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Why is This Project Important?
Through the Jockey Club ‘FreeFlow’ Body Movement Project, we hope women can learn to communicate with their own bodies. This is a pilot project funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust with the objectives of using body movements to help enhance the physical and mental health of young females aged between 15 and 24, pique their curiosity towards their bodies and encourage them to explore body diversity. We also aim at investigating in female identity in this modern society. Apart from the body movement course and social workers’ participation, we have also introduced different art forms and cultural elements, hoping to have more diversified interactions with the participants and to broaden their horizons. Do check out our About page on this website to learn more about the project and the organisations involved!
How to Participate in This Project?
There are a number of ways to join this project! If you are an educator, a creator or an artist, please check the Collaborate page on our website for more information. For those who are interested in participating in other ways, do drop us a message at the bottom of this page or email us directly.

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